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Mike’s Christmas List


Updated: 12/25/02


Thanks Santa!!

I need additional HEAVY Duty Plastic Hangers – Like 26 (Thanks Santa!) of them. Of course they need to be white to match the others in my closet. <Smile>

Thanks Santa

I probably need to get more info on this.  But Phil Wigglesworth (in Celebration) has one and it is pretty cool.  I can load all my CDs onto my server and then have one or more of these networkable MP3 players to play the music in different rooms.  No moving parts and no loading and unloading CDs.  It can be controlled from any computer in the house.  You can setup groups of songs you like and have them played in random order.  Yes Dad…this would work in your house also - with a little bit more work setting up one of your computers as a server.  Let me work out the kinks then we can put it in at your place.  Check with the Sony People???  Try AudioTronics from Creative Labs

For the HP Omnibook 3000CTX (F1392A).

Air-PCM352 – I need a maximum of 3 but one at a time works!

Ergonomically correct Mouse that uses infrared connection to the PC so it is wireless.

Ergonomically correct Keyboard that uses infrared connection to the PC so it is wireless.

Used to connect Cybex Switch to multiple PCs – has a cable for monitor, keyboard and mouse.

Boxer briefs or boxers nice ones size medium

The crew ones that are very short around the ankle length

Decent one to replace the one that has miraculously disappeared from my garage.

Low Height no more than 3 feet high, Cabinet type piece, Wood to match family room. I envision open shelves on each side and a two door cabinet in the middle or open shelves in the middle with two one door cabinets on each side perhaps 4 feet long.

Unfortunately this is no longer made – Perhaps E-Bay???  It would have to be one MIB ( Mint in Box) or that is insured to work.

Apparently these do not exist! – If anyone has other info…please advise.

Monster’s Inc., Star Wars Episode II, Spiderman, Lilo & Stitch, Goldmember, Ice Age (Thanks Santa!)


Pants (34w30l, Polo Shirts (L), Socks (dress ones)

2 pair one dark blue one washed out blue 34w

For my bedroom to match the hunter green, maroon.  Earth Tones South Western feeling

The pieces I do not have yet. (List of Pieces I HAVE: Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, Crystal Star, Shepard w/ Staff, Angel, Drummer Boy, Sheep, Ox, Camel, Camel Master, Gaspar, Melchior, Balthazar, Inn Keeper, Elephant, Rooster and Hen, Baby Lambs, Baby Goats)

Click this link for more info: Lenox China Jewels

(Be careful… I noticed that “China Jewels” nativity pieces were mixed in among all the pages) Also Mom knows a good place to get this set!

I already have the “Lillie Belle” Engine, Gondola, Transformer and Track and the Caboose.  I only need the Box Car.

Thanks Mom & Dad!!