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Dadís Christmas List


Updated: 12/12/02


My initial list got an ďFĒ.Thank God for second chances

- This one would be an ďAĒ!!!


So that I can smell nice for my Katrusha!

To make egg salad better.

So that YOU could enjoy my caesar salad.

So that I can put on cologne (please see above) and cuddle up with my (please see above).

        Someone to help paint the two bedrooms

So that you can enjoy it more.

        Someone to install my IBM 360/60 front panel in the wall over the couch in the family room, frame it and electrify the lights

I really donít expect this to get done, but there is no harm in asking.You must admit, it would be a conversation piece.

        An outdoor gas grill

So that I can be just like Mike and George

        A tie rack that will fit on the back of my closet door

Itís amazing how I got used to the wire hangers (four of them) on the back of the door swinging to and fro and nearly forgot this great need.

        Reunionís calendar inserts for the book for 2003

This is not in conflict with Palm Pilot.I use this for other things than I would use the Palm Pilot which was set up for me as a gift last year.